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Social book marking sites

I ran across a great list of list of social book marking sites to which you can manually submit your site pages. These sites will add web 2.0 to your site traffic campaigns and help you generate buzz.

Blog Advertising

Blog advertising is a great way to gain backlinks and strengthen the PR value of your root level domain as well as your lower level pages. Here is a list of some of the more popular blog advertsing networks where you can hire bloggers to write about your site and lay links.


Increase Your Site's Value with a Finder Tool

A great way to create site stickiness and clearly define visitor direction on your website homepage is to create a “Finder” tool. When a visitor hits your homepage you want to make sure that there is a definite starting point. The last thing you want to do is have a clutter of information that blends together and ends up confusing your visitor.

The important thing to remember is that your visitors need direction. Never assume that they will read everything on the page. Most internet users scan pages looking for interesting or eye-catching marketing. This marketing may be a catchy headline or a “Finder Tool” that promises to make searching and learning about the products and services on the website easy.

In the case of marketing something like credit cards, you could build a tool to help your visitor find the perks that they are interested in or the lowest Into APR. If you were to market something like kitchen appliances, you could build a tool that would allow price and feature comparisons.

Spend some development time building tools that will add value to your site and set your site apart from the competition. You will gain repeating visitors and you will retain those visitors for longer periods of time, which in turn is more opportunity to sell.


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